Violet flashlight measured fluorescent agent exceeded, fly it?

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"I bought a purple flashlight, the child's clothes measured the measured and found a few are fluorescent agents exceeded, so scary!" Recently, a public posting in a website forum, said now with a purple flashlight can detect clothes , Skin care products and other daily necessities fluorescent agent is excessive, they also bought a try, the results amazing. Reporters learned that the shopping site, the urban part of the small household appliances shop purple flashlight hot. However, the market selling purple flashlight is mostly "three no" products, purple flashlight test fluorescent agent fly it?
Mothers buy purple flashlight detection clothing fluorescent agent
Citizen A Qing recently to a friend to inquire about what kind of purple flashlight to buy better. "Friends said with a purple flashlight measured a fluorescent agent to know the child's clothes are not fluorescent agent exceeded." A young child 5 months old, she was worried about the child's clothing fluorescent agent exceeded, wearing more impact on health. She often soak mother forum, found some mother posting with a purple flashlight test child clothes fluorescent agent, she looked after the tempted.
"Mother said, with a purple flashlight child clothes, if the clothes are purple, indicating that the clothes fluorescent agent qualified; if the blue, is the fluorescent agent exceeded." Ah Qing said, mothers also use this method to detect skin care products, health Towels and other daily necessities. "They put skin care products on the skin, directly with a purple flashlight to see if it is blue or purple." A green said that many mothers in this way to detect some of the brand children's clothing, did not expect to find the light was blue, It made her very surprised. "But I went to the shopping site a search, there are a lot of purple flashlight sellers, a purple flashlight a few dollars there are, hundreds of dollars there, I am a little ignorant, do not know how to choose." Ah Qing said.
Most of the market purple flashlight without packaging instructions
Reporters recently saw a shopping site, purple flashlight is very hot. Enter the "purple flashlight" search element, there have been more than 6000 baby, the price from a few dollars to 100 yuan range. A 15.9 yuan a purple flashlight monthly sales of more than 6500, a 148 yuan monthly sales also have more than 800 support. Some sellers directly put on the test skin care products, some marked "fluorescent agent artifact", "girls dedicated, Bao mother exclusive."
Jiangbei in the urban area of ​​a small commodity wholesale city, the reporter also saw a purple flashlight sales, the price between 10 yuan to 80 yuan. A stall took out a 10 yuan purple flashlight said that in addition to this flashlight can identify the authenticity of banknotes, but also can detect fluorescent agents. "Recently to buy a lot of people, this cheap thing." However, these flashlights do not have instructions. "What are the cheap stuff, what packs and instructions?"
In another stalls selling purple flashlight has 50 yuan, 80 yuan two, the stall owner of the two purple flashlight test the difference between the two. Saw the 50 yuan purple flashlight clothes, see the clothes there is a trace of blue; 80 yuan purple flashlight clothing, the clothes in the slightest more blue light, the original 50 yuan did not show the blue clothes Showing some blue light. "80 yuan better, these good customers are mostly bought to identify jade." The stall said. When the reporter wants to see if there is a 3C logo, the stall still can not get the box and instructions.
Violet flashlight can not determine whether the fluorescent agent exceeded
Can the purple flashlight detect that the fluorescent agent is exceeded? Reporters on this interview Huizhou Economic Vocational and Technical College of Clothing and Art Department engaged in knitting, clothing materials teaching and research teacher Li Defu. Li Defu that the purple flashlight can only detect the clothes, diapers and other fluorescent agents, but can not determine whether the fluorescent agent exceeded. In addition to the fluorescent agent, there are a number of other processing aids. Purple flashlight can only detect whether it contains fluorescent agent, but can not detect other treatment aids, in fact, other additives Excessive exposure is also harmful to the body. "Li Defu said that in accordance with the relevant standards of national clothing, fluorescent agents and other clothing fiber treatment aids only to reach a certain amount before the body will be harmful, purple flashlight can not detect the content of fluorescent agent, and therefore can not Resulting in harmful or harmless test results.
It is understood that the market selling purple flashlight is an electronic product, need to be 3C certification. But the reporter found that many purple flashlight no 3C certification logo. Therefore, these purple flashlight launch UV intensity can not be determined, may be used to hurt the eyes, the public use to be extra careful.




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